Chin Music – 1st installment

By Bill Loney

The first and hopefully not the last attempt, to provide an insight into the club and its characters. Don’t take its contents too seriously, remember if I haven’t offended you then I will get round to you eventually. The basis of the column will be club news whether fact or fiction, a combination of Woman’s day and “The Truth” without the form-guide. Incorporating the “Seddon top 5”, a “Weekly award” and “Sledge of the week”.

The name of the column was my first dilemma Windy woosh or Chin music? I went with Chin Music. Judging by the sponsorship photos maybe double chin music may be more on the money.

You know its cricket season when you are walking across the ground and you find a cricket ball. Then you walk a bit further an you find another cricket ball. Then you walk a bit further and find a dead cricket.

Well the rain might be good for the garden but it is no good for cricket. 3 days play has been lost and most players are itching to get into the real stuff. The practice match on Sat 9th was our first opportunity to get off the synthetics onto the turf and experience the real thing. I am sure all players would have welcomed the chance to blow out the cobwebs in match conditions. 3rd Eleven skipper Neil “Groover” Grieves was quick to claim victory in the 25 over Tri-series.

Good to see so many new recruits at the club, although I must admit I struggle to remember all their names. Of the newbies I can remember a few:- Mate, knackers, champ, pal and Asif they all seem like good blokes and welcome additions to our club.

The first weekend of play saw only the 4th eleven get a win. The inability of the other elevens to post enough runs saw them come up short. Lets hope its just a case of first up nerves and we get some good partnerships going next round.


1. Asif turning up to Flemington on the Moonee valley race night.
2. Leigh “Late Mail” Davies tipping Jim Zamba the Caulfield cup winner after the race was run.
3. 34 cricketers mesmerised by the netball final at the Comm games.
4. The decision to put sponsorship photo’s over the bar, potentially scaring away patrons.
5. Earth tremor at Hanmer Reserve Sat 23rd co-inciding with a spectacular diving catch in second innings.


Steve Butera for his 52. The only score above fifty for the round.


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