Cricket in China…

Nick Seymour – a main stay of the Seddon Cricket Club moved to China earlier this year, this is a letter sent to Rolf with an attached photo.

Hi Rolf,

Things going well over here. I really like the job and the kids are enjoying school. Ive got no friends to drink with so the wife is very happy too.

Played my first game of cricket on Sunday  – see pic . International vs Indian 11. We got flogged. Pitched was carpet rolled out over the dirt, Pricey would not be impressed. We have a job for him here if he can make it through customs.

See the 1st and 2nds had a win. well done boys.  Can’t believe you lost to Spotswood – even though u got 4/40  — they must coming out nicely.
Hope yr all well,


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