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Welcome to the new Juniors News Page. We have been meaning to get this operational for some time, and now have the capacity to upload any junior report. We need authors, so if you’re a parent who can help out, talk to your team manager and feel free to write up a report at the conclusion of the match and send it to seddoncc@autods.com.au.

Read it all below:

14 February 2012

Under 13s Report

The final game of the home & away season has been played and the boys had an excellent win.

The scenario was thus: Four teams (4th thru 7th) were on the same number of points, only separated marginally by percentage, leading into the final round. Seddon were seventh playing Altona who were fourth. Playing at Altona the boys batted first making an excellent 8 – 177.

Mali made a fine 40(retired), Sam 25, Felix 24 (his best ever score), Gus 22 and Ethan 11no (in a partnership of 63 with Mali).

Week two we bowled and it was our most consistent performance of the season. Altona were bowled out for 114. Everybody bowled well and the wickets were shared with noone taking more than one wicket. The fielding was easily the best of the season with four run outs (due to good fielding not batsman error) and some great catching. Hamish took a spectacular running catch on the boundary line at deep square, Felix took a great catch at fine leg, Vincent at mid wicket and Mali took two nice catches in the circle. Gus, Mali, Rueben and Sam were all involved in run outs with Jagger having a good game with the gloves.

Unfortunately, the team that was fifth had a win that was just enough to keep them above us on percentage. We finished fifth so very close to finals action.

Coach, Ray Pereira, was presented by the players with a token of appreciation after the game. He did a fantastc job with the boys this season and they all love him. Ray was very proud of the boys efforts this season and was most genuine when he said that ALL of the boys had improved significantly over the course of the games. He would have loved to make the finals but he said his aim at the start of the season was for the boys to both enjoy themselves and develop as cricketers. He said both of these aims were achieved and believes that all the boys could become very good cricketers if they continue playing and work hard.

Steve Smith and Michael Victory did a great job admin wise and thanks so much to the parents who volunteered to score. Scoring in the juniors is a tough, fast paced job and we all appreciate those who did it.

Well done boys and good luck for next season.

09 February 2012

Under 11’s.

After a couple of excellent team performances which saw our team have solid wins, we were out played this week against Sunshine.

This weeks Capt Claudia tossed the coin and Sunshine won the toss & elected to bat first………………

Sunshine took full advantage of our wayward bowling and at times not our best fielding performances to make an impressive 5 / 116 at the close of their 24 over’s.

Our bowling saw Claudia 1/4, Brayden 1/14 & Kobe 1/19……………… Excellent catches taken by Lewis & Brayden as well as 2 run outs involving Lewis / Roni &  Brayden / Darcy.

Our batting began with what seemed to be wickets falling almost every over and we were eventually bowled out in the 19th over for a modest total of 65……………..

Kobe batted extremely well for 16, as too did Aidan 14, Roni 9, Quin 5, Lewis 2, Bipin 1no & Brayden 1no………………….there were 5 ducks (0) in our innings which did not help?

Our kids will understand that through practicing good batting, bowling & fielding techniques that we will not only improve as individuals but become more consistent as a team………………

Training is on tomorrow night (Thursday 9th Feb) at 430pm…………………

This weeks game is at home against Sunshine Heights, pls be there by 5pm sharp.

02 February 2012

Under 11 Report

Another outstanding win by our team this week against Sunshine considering the unavailability of Claudia, Reeva, Lewis & Kobe. This was covered by first gamer Quin & fill in player Mason.

Sunshine tossed the coin and our Capt. Bipin called but Sunshine won the toss and elected to bat……………

We bowled and fielded extremely well and managed to contain Sunshine to 2 / 73……….

Some excellent diving in the field (Darcy, Jacob, Aidan & Brayden) saw Seddon save many runs along with some extremely tight bowling by all players set up a manageable run chase……………. Aidan 1/7, Jacob 1/12, Bipin 0/2, Darcy 0/5, Neha 0/6, Brayden 0/8 & Quin 0/10.

Our batting was steady with runs being scored but also with wickets falling but in the end we managed to surpass Sunshine’s 73 and make 7 / 111. Some excellent batting by Jacob 32no, Brayden 27no, Roni 10, Aidan 9, Darcy 5, Quin 1 & Neha 1………….

This weeks game details:

Seddon v Sunshine United

Venue: McIvor Reserve No 2 ground(next to the Hockey Stadium)

Time: 5pm sharp!!

27 January 2012

(Under 11 Round News)

What a fantastic all round performance on (20th January 2012) by the whole team in knocking off 2nd placed Altona North !!!

Altona tossed the coin with this weeks Capt. Jacob losing the toss & Altona electing to bat ……………….

Our bowling & fielding was extraordinary to the point where we bowled Altona out for 71.

Two outstanding run outs in the field by Lewis & Brayden along with some excellent bowling which saw wickets taken by Aidan(2), Claudia(1), Kobe(1), Reeva(1) & Neha(1). Lewis, Bipin, Jacob & Brayden also bowled well without luck. Darcy had the wicket keeping duties & once again did a terrific job.

Some solid efforts with the bat saw Seddon not only pass Altona’s score but end their innings on an impressive 8/121.

Lewis 27, Jacob 20,Roni 11, Kobe 9, Aidan 9, Darcy 8 were the stand outs but all in all every player contributed and looked comfortable out in the middle.

This weeks game is against Sunshine @ Dempster Park, Phoenix St Nth Sunshine. Please ensure that we are at ground by 5pm sharp!

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