Murray “Muzza” Grieves

Murray Scott Grieves (Muzza) took his 500th wicket on Saturday no surprise to his brothers Neil and Jason who remember well being terrorised by him with the tennis ball playing cricket in the street as kids. Facing the older brother was a traumatic exercise especially if they upset him and would not go out.

Muzza in his younger days

Muzza in his younger days

There were a few wickets around the street, but none more hectic than what could only be described as the WACA on Steroids, Crack and Ice. This wicket area was included a sloped driveway in front of the family garage which was located 1.5 metres recessed back into the block from the footpath, with the bowling crease across the small court road on the curb. The bounce was unreal off the slope of the driveway on a good length and the pitch length designed by him to obviously inflict pain amongst his siblings.

Well from there he obviously (maybe Joan and Bob) thought he could play and he decided to play on a real cricket pitch in a paddock with kids his own age.

Muzz’s first club was junior club Laurel Cricket Club – a club started on a Christian background eventually found its maker and folded after a few years. From there as a teenager he moved to ANBY, along the way he won a number of competition bowling awards and the Grieves House was full of Gold tributes to his success. Muzz was an allround sportsman with basketball, footy and cricket his sports of choice. He played Vic State squad U21 basketball and AFL by making it to Swans U19 try outs before breaking an arm completely which finished his serious assault on a sporting career.

His Mum reckon’s he’s No:1. He was the best of the 4 sons at sport (added Rolf as adopted son – some of you may not know Joan Grieves’ love for him as an adopted son, well now you do in case you see a special case of rolls for him after a game). Muzza was always playing in all his club’s best teams in A Grade levels in the various competitions. It was only in the last few years that he has drifted down to give the younger brigage a go. Some say he is the Stig! Others reckon he still could play in our One’s! Some even reckon he is Bill Loney, but when it comes to playing cricket most know him as the accurate one. It’s his ability to move the ball and land it in the area needed once working out each batsman’s flaws.

Muzza in 2010/11

Nothing much has changed!

Murray is loyal to the end and in fact every club he played cricket for has since gone – Laurel – gone, ANBY – no more, Footscray City – Hooroo, Yarraville YCW – you guessed it! Well after watching all those clubs go – you’d reckon he would have started to wonder, and so to the people at Seddon who chased him to play for the club when he started here back in 1988. Here’s hoping Seddon outlasts Muzza and he actually has to retire and can watch them play into the years of being senile.

Well done on a great cricketing life thus far Muzza, may there be more wickets in stall for you down the track, but somehow we might be seeing him revert back to being a batsman. Lately he has been seen showing some batting ability and belting his brethren bowlers all over the park.

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