Playing & Training Expectations

Our Code of Behaviour

If you haven’t already, please read our Code of Behaviour.

Training Expectations

Each session there will be a board placed near the gear with specific objectives for the night as well as the required work to be done. This includes running and catching after your hit as well as 5 for dropped catches and bowling down leg side. You need to check it when you arrive prior to your warm up (ensure you stretch properly) and if you are unsure of anything, speak to the coach or your captain.


Clothing shall consist of a white shirt, dark tracksuit pants/shorts and white socks.  Seddon playing caps or white floppy hats are the preferred choice of headwear.  Ensure both runners and spikes are brought to all training sessions as all fielding drills should be completed in your spikes.  Ensure you have a sufficient water bottle with you at training to lessen the need for players to leave the track to re-hydrate.  All batting should be done in the gear you wear during a game, any prescribed running should be completed in the same gear (helmets included).


All playing equipment should be in good working order and back up gear available (a couple of pairs of batting gloves, spikes etc).  It is highly recommended that each player has their own baseball glove to assist them with the various throwing activities.  It may be in your interests to be wearing a protector during fielding drills given the condition of the grounds we play on.


Use your initiative at training:

  • no more than 4 bowlers per net
  • no more than 4 catchers in a catching drill
  • no more than 6 guys in a fielding drill (unless otherwise specified)
  • Start up your own drill if the groups are already this size

Everyone is capable of ensuring no short cuts are taken.  We are all striving for a common goal and if you see someone not doing what is expected, give them a gentle reminder.  At the conclusion of official training come upstairs for a drink or two to catch up with your club mates.