Ranil Abeynaike – passes away suddenly

Renowned cricket commentator, curator and coach, Ranil Abeynaike passed away at a private hospital in Colombo following a severe heart attack on 21st February.

Ranil was recruited to Seddon in 1990/91 as a player and then as Captain Coach in 1991/92 where he lead the club’s First Eleven team to a North A Premiership which lead to us playing in the VTCA Senior Division the following year.

Ranil was Sri Lanka’s first Test Captain and is regarded as a legend in his home country. It is not hard to understand why given his contribution to cricket over the years. All of the long time Seddon players and members remember him as an extreme gentleman on off the cricket field.

Abeybaike who is a well known cricket personality in Sri Lanka and around the world celebrated his 57th birthday nine days ago.

He was well recognised as an expert of the game by many cricket pundits from around the world.

Our condolences go out to the family and friends of Ranil – he will be sadly missed.

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