Round 4 Summaries

1sts vs Footscray United

Finding the sun shining Saturday morning was a welcome sign and the opportunity to play some cricket and collect some points was an enticing one. Pricey had left a healthy grass coverage on the wicket and losing the toss, it was no surprise that Footscray United invited Seddon to bat first. Losing Shah early, Grant and Van Kruining set about the job of building a defendable score. Grant got a couple away early and paid for some recklessness when the off stump went cart wheeling. Webb fell without scoring and the familiar tale of losing wickets in blocks reared its ugly head. Procko, Godakanda and Van Kruining (20) fell quickly to leave Seddon teetering at 6/67. Kriebardis (24) found some support from Mackey and Stevens and when they all departed, Seddon had posted a moderate 99 from 35 overs. Disappointed in the execution but not the intent of the players.

Having to defend a meek total was not going to be easy. A wicket to Matkovic in 2 of his first 3 overs saw United slip to 2/10, however some wayward bowling and a generous amount of extras saw the visitors effortlessly cruise to 2/52. The introduction of Kriebardis and Grant stemmed the flow of runs, however, Footscray still seemed to be edging to a comfortable win. At 4/94, the contest was a formality. A couple of brain fades saw Seddon sneak a couple of wickets and at 6/95 it still seemed an impossible task, again Seddon were on the right end of a couple of LBW’s and with the aid of some purposeless batting the number 11 arrived at the crease with the simple equation – 4 runs, 1 wicket, 10 overs. Kriebardis with 3 wickets to his name, sent one spearing into the base middle stump and before the ball had time to roll off the pitch after thudding into the back pad, Seddon were celebrating a miraculous victory. Footscray United had lost 6 for 3 with Grant and Kriebardis each picking up 4 wickets in what can only be described as you had to be there to believe it.

The long awaited 2-day format hopefully will get under way this weekend with another change of purpose for the batsmen. Application and Discipline are the key ingredients required this week and every Seddon player will be encouraged to pack a healthy dose of each for the trip out to Tullamarine.

2nds vs Footscray United

The 2nds played away to Footscray United in a one-dayer. I won the toss and elected to bowl.

Footscray United got off to a reasonable start, eventually losing their first wicket at 28 in the 12th over to Zoran Markovski (Macca). At around this time, I removed myself from the attack – replaced by Chris Weitzel – and the floodgates opened. Footscray United went from 1/28 in the 12th over to being all out for 82 in the 28th over. Macca bowled a sensational (and long for an old-timer) spell, taking 5/29 off 13 overs. Chris Weitzel also bowled well, amassing figures of 4/31 off 8 nippy overs. Matty Rae came on and cleaned up the tail within three balls.

The fielding from the boys was of a very high standard, except for a minor mishap between keeper (Pete Tzamba) and first slip (Matty Rae) off the bowling of Chris. The chairman of selectors was there to see the mishap and will have his views on whose catch it was! Special mention to the outfielding of Ragz.

The experienced duo of Steve Butera and David Ferry got our innings off to a great start, being 0/47 off 13 overs. Unfortunately after the first wicket fell at 47 (Butera for 17), we ended up in a bit of trouble at 5/66 and then 6/78. The middle order struggled with the excellent bowling of the Footscray United attack and the fickle finger of the appointed umpire. Pete Tzamba and Matty Rae eventually got the boys over the line, with a late cameo from Chris Weitzel (17no) and Macca (17). Special mention to Butera (17) and Fezza (36) to kick things off, and also to Matty Rae (27) in guiding the team to victory when the wickets were tumbling.

We eventually were all out for 141 in the 48th over, leaving 4 overs left in the day. Adam and Jacob were given a chance to roll their shoulders over for two overs each, with Jacob snaring two wickets. Footscray United ended up 3/9 in their 2nd innings.

A well deserved and much needed win for the 2nds, which I feel will kickstart the season for the lads.

NB: Jasper’s (aka Hugh Jordan) theory of being nice to the umpire and getting rewarded with favourable decisions when we bowled turned into a sham (up there with the power bands) when it came our turn to bat! Ask the Prez/Hugh all about it when you get a chance….


It was Seddon who was asked to bat at against a youthful Aberfeldie outfit who possessed a sprinkle of wisdom, following the call of tails. The conditions were perfect with a manicured out field and a grassy track that had no effect on the outcome. Aberfeldie took their chances with 3 brilliant catches early (Sandeep, Mohib & Jamie); a rarity at this level, the youthful approach was paying dividends. However JR-Dubya and Groover were able to steady the ship, finding it difficult to penetrate the youthful field compiling 23 a piece. Fabulous Phil played a late cameo helping our score to 90 before being caught with 9 balls to spare. It was Rowey who took the new ball and bowled a solid spell snaring a wicket early, bringing in the wise old Aberfeldie run machine, Peter West. He proved the difference with a controlled display of aggression making 41 using every shot in the book off about 10 overs leaving the home side chasing about 25 runs after drinks. Wickets were hard to come by with Sandeep, Nabeel, Deano and Rowey only getting a wicket each. On a positive note the fielding was exceptional led by Mohib who set the standard early with great intensity in the field, his memorable desperate slide over the boundary line, into the trees and down the hill will linger forever. Not to be out done Jamie the jaguar Wallace showed some slide and glide as did fabulous Phil. Deano was also a member of the diving team converting a regulation field pick up into an spectacular dive and roll.

4ths Vs Strathmore

Playing against the only team we’ll play twice it would have been good to win this one. Better preparation and focus before the game may have got us over the line. Dropped catches and sloppy fielding enabled Strathmore to get to 2/47 from the first 12 overs and we struggled to keep the runs down after that. Their forceful one day batting put the pressure on our bowlers and fielders. They often created extra runs by aggressive running between wickets. Two catches by Luke La Fontaine and superb fielding resulting in run outs from Dan Flitton and Luke gave us a chance, dismissing Strathmore for 173. The best of the bowlers were Tilly with 2/37 from 11 overs, Ani 2/47 off 12 overs and Nathan Greelish 1/25 off 5 overs.

With a strong batting lineup 173 didn’t seem insurmountable. Dan Flitton did his part, scoring 35 off the first 15 overs, including 14 off one over. Unfortunately he grossly over-estimated his speed out of the blocks setting off for a single after he hit the ball straight to the cover point fieldsman. Most of our other batsmen went out trying to lift the run rate as was required. Tilly continued his excellent form at the crease, scoring 41 not out from the last 15 overs. Unfortunately he ran out of partners in the last over, leaving us 35 runs short on 138.

Despite losing 2 in a row, there are positive signs. Raghava demonstrated his ability to overcome pain in the field, where a hot chance almost took his hand off and he had to be subbed out for some first aid. However a couple of overs later he was back in the field doing his bit. Then when we were batting he suffered a side strain and required a runner. Overall it was a spirited effort and everyone put the team first. The better team won, but it was a quality team and we showed that we’re not far behind.


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