Round 5 Summary Season 2011/12

First X1 vs Seabrook Cricket Club

Losing the toss and being invited to bat first was an unexpected bonus. The pitch was good, but the outfield again was quite slow. A change in the order saw Oldham join T Grant to open the innings. After surviving his first ball, Oldham was able to get a few away and one could see his confidence growing. These 2 took the score to 54, before Oldham miscued and departed for 34. Weerasinghe joined Grant and the pair pushed the score to 77 before Weerasinghe missed a straight one. Procko came and went in the space of a couple of balls and Seddon needed a steadying partnership.
Stevens joined Grant the and the pair pushed the score to 141. Grant passing 50 in the process. Some long balls from Stevens enabled the score to finish on 154 for 5 at the completion of the innings. Stevens remained unbeaten on 47.

Disciplined line bowling was required in order to defend our total. Matkovic, Weerasinghe and Markovski kept the rate in check, which enabled Seddon to pour on the pressure. This forced the Seabrook batsmen to attempt runs that just weren’t on and conservatively, Seddon converted 4 of the 20 chances on offer. Oldham involved in 2 of them, including an excellent direct hit. Wickets to P Grant, Matkovic and Kriebardis all contributed to Seabrook closing on 9/118. A very good performance by the Seddon boys and a much needed confidence boost going into the last round before Christmas.

Second X1 vs Seabrook Cricket Club

A decimated Seddon side missing both Macca and Fezbollah journeyed to Bruce Comben Reserve for a truncated one day match against Seabrook, after inclement weather yet again washed out the previous weeks proceedings.

Considering Jasper lives a solid 1-iron away it was expected that he would be the first to the ground. Funnily enough the reverse proved to be true with the Prez tearing down the entrance in his black sports car at precisely 12.35pm. Apparently the traffic in Point Cook at that time on Saturday is notoriously bad.

No sign of Sea, and nary a Brook in sight, but the location proved pleasant enough in any event. Young Gun Mitch Nicholls arrived at the traditional pre-game centre wicket pow-wow sporting a pair of sandshoes that looked like he had endured a big night on the grog and produced a technicolour yawn all over them on the way over. Their lurid brightness had anyone within 25 yards hurriedly reaching for the Bolle’s.

The boys adjourned to the changerooms which seemed to be already occupied by the opposition. Lethal asked the Seabrook skipper where our changerooms where and was greeted with a gruff ‘you’re in ‘em, mate’. Communal changerooms. The novelty was lost on the visitors. Jamie ‘William’ Wallace found a comfy rocking chair that was to his liking and took up residence accordingly. All that was missing from the picture was an old dog named Rover by his feet, a walking stick by his side and a corn cob pipe protruding from his mouth.

Lethal won the toss and decided to bat. A square leg umpire was required so the skipper pointed Glenroy Coyle to the fluro umpires bib and told him to get it on and get out there. Glenroy didn’t fancy the garish bib so produced one of his own from his kit. Unfortunately for Glenroy it was roundly agreed that a ‘Thomas the Tank Engine’ themed bib probably wasn’t entirely appropriate.

Steve ‘The Hat’ Butera and JRW started solidly against some reasonable bowling, going to drinks at 0/60 after 20 overs. Surely a solid grounding for a big score of at least 150. Wrong. In the biggest collapse since Lehmann Brothers, Seddon would lose 10 wickets in the next 14 overs. A brief précis follows;

Over 22: The Hat caught attempting pull
Over 23: JRW bowled
Over 26: Jasper caught skying attempted pull shot
Over 28: Nichols caught behind swiping 3rd ball
Over 32: Wallace run out (direct hit from square leg)
Over 32: Glenroy run out 2nd ball by Sting (given not out on his first ball after smashing catch to silly mid on)
Over 34: Sheldon caught at cow corner
Over 35: Lethal caught at mid on
Over 36: Sting caught in gully
Over 37: Weitzel clean bowled

All out for 108 with the opposition given 43 overs to bat. A pretty diabolical effort considering the quality of the bowling. Hats off to The Hat and JRW for a solid start, but other than the openers no one covered themselves in anything slightly resembling glory.

The boys were fired up after the tea break, and despite being asked to bowl INTO the wind by the skipper, Chris ‘Harry’ Weitzel generated a level of pace that clearly had the Seabrook openers spitting Tiffany cufflinks. He was ably supported by Lethal at the other end who bowled tight and with reasonable pace. Lethal claimed the first wicket after some good scoreboard pressure had been built. A few overs later the remaining opener succumbed to the Davies – Coyle combination: caught behind. 2/30 from 14 overs. From there the wheels fell off completely. A 100+ run partnership by a couple of batsmen who the author can confidently say would only just be capable enough of a starting spot in the Seddon 3rd XI was nothing other than an embarrassment.

The hall of mirrors should be visited at length by each member of the side this week. Nothing short of a complete annihilation of the incumbent opposition will suffice.

Third Eleven V Altona North Cricket Club

Bowing to pressure from the team, I decided to bat following an incorrect call of tails from the Altona North captain.

With Johnno opening and only 36 overs to spare the promotion of Arni to partner him seemed like the right balance. Arni never let us down getting us off to a good start until he forced his captain to point his finger skyward after playing back on a well directed and accurate sand shoe crusher. Johnno soon followed by leaving his leg stump exposed, within half a dozen overs we were 5 down staring down the barrel, However Muz and Liam were able to steady the ship and built a solid partnership, allowing us to have a swing at the death with some wickets in hand. It would be unwise not to mention the cavalier display of stroke play and a perfectly constructed wagon wheel by big Rowey, as he built a case for batting order promotion, remaining not out with six delightful sinlges, through fine leg, mid off, cover, 1st slip, 2nd slip and gully.

With an average tally of 94 to defend, and banking on a slow outfield, Rowey, full of confidence charged in with the new ball and returned the respectful figures 0-26 with 2 dropped dolly catches. Nick Brudenelle was instrumental in containing the runs, 15 overs 3-31, with Tim Weitzel taking 2 and Stowey anchoring the bowling attack in the final overs. Seddon bowlers were the difference, Keeping Altona North’s run chase to 84 at the end of play.

4th X1 Vs Altona North X1

With the first week being washed out our trade now had to be applied to the one day game.
Being on the back foot from the start with a few blokes calling up injured the night before
The legend himself (Jimmy Tzamba) was to get a call up, but don’t tell him, he was the writers last resort. The day just got better when we lost the toss on a cracker of a pitch. For a few weeks now Alex Gill (the 4ths token pom) has been chomping at the bit to get a bowl, he was finally unleashed with a tidy spell only netting the one wicket the bloke had done his job, with the stalwart Tilly Kriebardis bowling tight and not giving much away, thought of only having ten men and a permanent 1st slip didn’t bother me. Then bazza Richards was brought on just before drinks to try and grab a wicket before drinks which almost worked out with the ball just going short of the cover fieldsmen after drinks Dan Thomas came on with success in his first over and Barry following suite two overs later. When the Altona batsmen started to get on top of Dan in one of his overs it was time to bring on the young recruit of Hayden Dryiski with a few helpful tips from the legend himself Hayden soon claimed his first victim with help from the skipper and his quick pair of hands. With arguments taking place over the rules of cricket in regards to the standard we play compared to that of Australia, the Altona player soon found out the hard way that a wide down the leg side is not one that just misses the leg stump much to the anger of this writer and the legend himself, after a heavy debate and a quick schooling of the Altona player we were able to establish the fact we were, in fact playing club cricket not an ODI and the decision was reversed and play continued. With 8 overs to go Altona made there move and started to hit out at the end of there 36 had there total at 7/167.

Being set a monumental task the openers were given orders to hang around for five or so overs then start pushing the run rate along after failing the later and being 1/21 at drinks and needing a further 8 runs an over with Altona bowling tight the decision was made at the 25 over mark to bat out the over to which the Seddon boys succeeded with some runs coming late for Rhys Garry and Hayden we finish our innings at 5/67, on paper not a great effort but to be able to achieve greatness you must first succeed at all your goals you put in place, for the guys to have the mind set of being able to bat out the overs is a step in the right direction…

Honourable mentions this week go too:
Rhys Garry for his enthusiasm in the field….well done mate
to the legend himself, for helping out for the day.

Dishonourable mention goes too

The legend himself for proving there is such thing as white line fever….

With all jokes aside well done guys its always hard to play a game short on players and I think that extra player being on the field would have been worth at least 30-40 runs….

Anyway always look forward, and this round coming is APW and hopefully our first win….

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