Round 6 Summary – Season 2011/12

1st X1 vs Sunshine YCW

Losing the toss and being invited to field first was not a bad result given the odd nature of the pitch for the Seddon 1st XI. Very tidy lines from Matkovic and Markovski set the tone for the day. Matkovic got the early break and Markovski chimed in for a second to have the second placed Sunshine YCW under pressure. Weerasinghe joined the party and with another wicket to Matkovic, YCW fell to 5/53. Kriebardis was introduced to the attack and took wickets regularly to have YCW 9/81 when T Grant finished the innings at 85.

29 overs to face and the storm clouds gathering, the edict was to be in front at the conclusion of the day’s play. What transpired over the next 2 hours was Seddon at its best. Oldham got the innings away to a flier, before falling to a hot catch for 14. Weerasinghe joined T Grant and the pair played positive cricket, dispatching bad balls for 4 and placing the home side under enormous pressure. T Grant fell chasing more runs, but with the score at 104 with 12 overs still to play, Seddon were in a position to chase an outright victory. Stevens joined Weerasinghe and took the score to 156 at the close. Weerasinghe on 87.

Day 2 saw another unusual looking pitch and with quick runs required, Stevens duly obliged adding another 20 to his overnight score before falling for 41. Weerasinghe pushed on to record a fine century. P Grant and Van Kruining fell chasing quick runs and when the innings was declared, Seddon had a lead of 125 with 68 overs still to play.

Bowling a second time was more challenging as the home side shut up shop and offered very little to the Seddon bowlers. A wicket to Matkovic and P Grant, followed by 2 to T Grant and another to Markovski was all Seddon could muster in a very dull finish to the game. Sunshine YCW ended on 5/123.

A very strong finish to the calendar year for the 1st XI and whilst second spot is only a wicket or two away, a favourable draw could see Seddon competing in finals again.

Enjoy the break and come back hungry to push on for that elusive premiership.

2nd X1 vs Sunshine YCW Cricket Club

After a forgettable performance the previous week against Seabrook the Seddon 2nd XI members had acquainted themselves with the hall of mirrors and were hoping that a good hard look at themselves would yield an improved attitude and performance. Unfortunately things didn’t start well with only 2 of the 11 arriving at the ground at the requested time of 11.45am, much to skipper Lethal Davies’ obvious disgust. After a dressing down in the change rooms everyone was pretty clear about what had to be done on the field. Winning the toss and bowling on a flat looking pitch, we needed to knuckle down and take early wickets.

Lethal and Nick Brudenel kicked off proceedings on a benign looking track and had almost immediate success. It would be fair to suggest that the Sunshine batting line up didn’t appear particularly strong, and at 2 for not many Sting suggested that without getting ahead of ourselves perhaps an outright victory should be pursued. Given that it was only 1.15pm on the first day of a two day game Jamie suggested that this prediction might be a little premature.

Welcoming back Dave ‘Fezzbollah’ Ferry into the 2nds, Lethal threw him the pill and success was immediate. After taking 2 quick wickets the Sunshine middle ordered consolidated and put on 40 or so to get the score to 5/60. A bowling change saw ‘Young Gun’ Mitch Nicholls brought into the fold. His Chris Harris-esque fast bouncing top spinners had the Sunshine batsmen in all sorts, reflected by his final figures of 3/7.

Thunderstorms had been predicted for the afternoon and the dark clouds moving in from the west looked foreboding. Keen amateur meteorologist and Seddon veteran Jamie ‘Lavinia’ Wallace informed the boys that due to a low barometric pressure and an unusually high hectopascal count the storms would probably miss us. He also noted that the wind was coming from the North West, rather then the South West. The author though to himself that the wind was actually blowing out of Jamie’s behind but deferred to his clearly superior judgment.

Shortly after there was amusement in the slip cordon when Young Gun Mitch Nicholls enquired as to the age of Jamie. No one was really sure so Mitch offered his own opinion. Now, the author is no Anthropologist, but he is pretty certain that Mitch’s guess of ‘at least 60’ was perhaps a few years off the mark.

Chris ‘Harry’ Weitzel and Lethal cleaned up the tail and Seddon was left to chase a total of 98 with 36 overs of play left in the day. The skipper appeared less grumpy than at the start of the day, and gave instructions to opening batsmen ‘The Hat’ Butera and Young Gun Nicholls to bat responsibly and achieve the first target of the match which was to pass the oppositions tally. Nicholls departed early for 8, bringing Sting to the crease. The pair played ‘risk free’ cricket against an average bowling attack to take the score to 65 before Sting skied a ball from a leading edge to mid-wicket. The silly-mid on (SMO) and fine leg fieldsman both ran towards the drop zone and tried to snaffle the catch, however they made a complete meal of it and the ball bounced out of the SMO’s hands. Unfortunately for Sting, the ball ricocheted from the SMO hands into the fine legs (who had slipped over) lap. Possibly the arsiest catch the author has seen in his cricket lifetime. Sting looked hopefully to the umpire for a negative adjudication, however the umpire simply laughed and raised his finger.

Fezzbollah joined The Hat and took to the pedestrian bowling however rain circumvented any plans of reaching the required score before close of play.

Resuming on Day 2 at 2/68 the murmurs of a potential outright victory were growing louder, although after losing 20 overs to inclement weather the previous week the level of confidence was somewhat muted……until it was learned that two of the Sunshine players had failed to turn up for the second week and the skipper had broken his hand after a Xmas party incident the previous night.

Play resumed and Fezzbollah took the long handle to the pop gun attack, passing the Sunshine total of 98 after only 6 overs. After mis-timing a sweep from a full toss he departed the scene, and it would be fair to say he was not a happy camper. 3/108. Sandeep looked steady but forgot to run when The Hat called him through for a quick single. He graciously sacrificed his wicket and departed so The Hat could continue his innings, which was starting to look promising. Jamie played a neat cameo but he too departed after a ‘misunderstanding’ in the running between wickets department. At 5/140 it was ‘Glenroy’ Coyle’s opportunity to impress. That he did with some gorgeous late cuts, unfortunately (and much to the amusement of the Seddon boys) they were all directly to the man at gully, whose hands were sore by the end of Glenroy’s innings. The Hat took the long handle to the ailing bowlers and used the aerial route to the boundary to bypass the slow outfield. The Hat raced to 88 while Glenroy decided he would give the Sunshine fieldsman some catching practice. It didn’t help however, as they embarrassingly dropped him three times in the space of five overs. The author has not seen three easier catches since the day he was fishing in Western Port and the flathead were virtually jumping into the boat.

On the 4th attempt they finally held one and Glenroy made way for N Greelish, who took up the challenge and played some swashbuckling strokes for a quick 17. The Hat, after flying from 50 to 90, then proceeded to inch his way to the ton in singles! He finally passed 100 with a four over mid-wicket. A fantastic chanceless century. Seddon declared on 238 with 45 overs left to dismiss the opposition again for an outright victory and 10 points (plus bonus points).

The innings started promisingly with Sandeep snaring a good catch off Lethal to dismiss the opening batsman. 1/0. The 2nd wicket was a little harder to come by as both batsmen dug in and only played at balls they had to, which had the potential to derail Seddon’s quest for full points. Sting decided this had to change and it was decided to test the mental mettle of the Sunshine top order. He chimed in from 1st slip to remind the opener that he had been promoted up the order and that perhaps he wasn’t handling the pressure of the promotion too well. Sting may also have wondered aloud if during the week he had taken some muscle relaxant drugs that had affected his co-ordination. The sledge had the desired effect in unsettling the opener to the point where he tried unsuccessfully to show us just how good he was – getting cleaned up neck and crop by Nick B in the process. The very next ball yielded another wicket to put Nick B on a hatrick. An absolutely ball tearing yorker was only just kept out by the new arrival at the crease, however the damage was done and the wickets continued to tumble until the 28th over when the final pole was taken by Mitch Nicholls.

An outright win, 16.4 points and entry into the top four. All in all a fantastic 2 days of cricket from the Seddon 2nd XI, albeit against a relatively weak opposition.

Things we learnt;

• Glenroy absolutely loves the late cut
• Fezzbolah has very white legs
• The Hat can tonk with the best of them
• Jamie knows a LOT about weather patterns
• Jamie apparently looks really old
• The Hat is no longer the ‘nicest bloke in Seddon CC’ after being involved in a couple of questionable run outs
• Seddon pitches are flat (and the Ponce reckons he waters ‘em…..)
• We bowl a lot of no balls (read. Harry Weitzel)
• The Seabrook debacle was an aberration
• Sting’s middle name is in fact ‘Nostrodamus’

3rd X1 vs East Keilor Cricket Club

Having won the toss and electing to Bowl on a pitch that presented a majority of green in color, with myself and Vu the only blokes not warming up our bowling arms the rest of the team was keen to get the new ball with a strong northerly. In a major disappointment Brendan was handed the new pill and after a dozen overs had to be replaced as he was only able to keep the runs to single digits. He was evenly matched at the other end with Rowey also only able to contain the runs to single digits. Enter Snowman who not only kept the runs to single digits (8) he captured 6 wickets in the process, would have had 7 if not for the ball going under middle stump in a laughable LBW non decision. Some late cow corner hitting over the boundary enabled East Keilor to register a modest total of 60.

Arni and Rolph opened the batting with storm clouds approaching, achieving the 61 run target quickly was the aim of the day, Rolph was caught early, which set up a 67 run winning partnership with Groover & Arni. Groover was caught after hooking into the keepers chest, with the ball landing in his glove after collapsing from the impact. Lucky Phil and Arni went on to carve out a competition season leading 4th wicket partnership of 110, with Arni able to hold his bat high following his career first ton. Both Phil (35) and Arni were out pushing the already high rate to new levels. Muzza and Sheldon piled on another 100 runs in under ten overs to end the day unbeaten with Seddon 4/323 after 46 overs. Batting another 12 overs into the second day the declaration came with Seddon on 8/388. Rowey was on his way to a ton being unbeaten on 15.

Snowman was handed the 25 over ball to take off were he left off, however East Keilor treated his bowling with the utmost respect and defended bravely. Brendan had a minor breakthrough at the other end, following his inability to have a major impact in the first innings with bat or ball. Rowey was given the opportunity to maintain Stowey’s pressure and he did not disappoint. Mowing through the top order he ended the day with 6 wickets and a beer IOU from phil for taking the last wicket off Rolphy’s bowling. With 17.88 points collected in the dominant out right win we now reside at third on the ladder.

4th X1 vs East Keilor Cricket Club

We arrived at the ground to start the day off with our use pre-match routine you know the usual set the ground up get changed warm up relax for bit talk about what needs to be done during the game….

Airport west on the other hand felt there pre game routine was to rock up as a team 10 mins late for the start of days play…
After close inspection of the pitch it was decided we would bat if we win the toss even though the captain’s confidence in the pitch was not high.

So after loosing the toss and told to bowl the objective was to make the batsmen play, field tight and hopefully put enough pressure on the batsmen to make mistakes. With the first 4 wickets falling at a regular rate we had the visitors 4/30 odd at tea.
The instructions before we went to tea were don’t eat too much…which is always hard with the magnificent spread we had on offer.
I suppose a few to many pies were consumed at tea because the next wicket put on a 43 run partnership with the vital break through coming from young Hayden our tail was back up.
With a double wicket maiden over from the big pommy (Alex) the remaining batsmen didn’t last long. Seddon ended there innings on 125. With rain stopping play for the reminder of the day we were unable to get a jump on the run chase.

Great effort with the ball with all the bowlers having success

A. Gill- 3/11 off 13, Tilly- 1/33 off 20, Jonah 2/24 off 11, Hayden 2/30 off 14, Steve 1/8 off 8

Day 2

Confidence was bit high knowing there wasn’t many runs to chase the old saying was in the back of the head “we have to make the runs first “. With the captain feeling a bit seedy (courtesy of some of his close mate insisting on buy drinks because it was his birthday) the run chase didn’t get off to the right start (in hind sight maybe should of taken the advise from the legend himself aka jimmy Tzamba) to bat down the order. After being 1/3, Johnno Dryiski took charge to try and guide the team in the right direction, after Johnno and Mr. Cricket put on only 14 Johnno tried to take the a bit of a Warner approach and hit out a bit with success coming from his first strike and a wicket from his second the 4ths needed a wall to stand up for the team, not finding that from Marcus or Raghava, Dan Thomas and tilly Kriebardis stood up and put on a 20 run partnership also Damian partnered with Tilly once Dan left to put on a 40 run partnership with rest of the boys trying with limited success to get the chase back on track Seddon was eventually bowled out for a disappointing 98 and been invited once again to have a bowl for 17 overs.

The 17 overs netted

Another 2 wickets for young Jonah Duckworth (which I might add was his Début for the clubs senior side) and also lets not forget a pretty ordinary over from Johnno Dryiski. Still don’t know what was said to the captain to give him an over, but never the less he got it….

Wasn’t the best day of cricket and unfortunately for Seddon, Airport West were better on the day.

Honourable mentions this week go too

Jonah Duckworth and Hayden for there fantastic bowling
Alex for his great bowling
And Tilly for his bowling batting and just all round efforts through-out the game…

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