Seddon Cricket Club – Dockers Explained

Seddon Cricket Club adopt the Dockers mascot

After approval from club members, the Seddon Cricket Club committee recently approved the final design of the ‘Dockers’ emblem, which highlights our long history and connection to the area. The old Seddon Cricket Club emblem will be phased out over the ensuing years.

We are still called the Seddon Cricket Club!      

Why the ‘Dockers’?

We’ve considered the connections to past unofficial Seddon Cricket Club emblems, and other ideas for mascots & emblems by club members, and the one which stood out for many reasons was the ‘Dockers’. These include:  

  • The ‘Dockers’ connects us to the Docklands Precinct.
  • The nearby Dock area is what sits in front of our city view and it’s easily associated.
  • There is enough research which suggests a mascot helps the younger generation identify with Sports clubs.
  • The juniors have been wanting a mascot to identify with the club and the ‘Dockers’ was easily adopted this year.
  • Anecdotal feedback around the club in the last year favourably approved adopting the ‘Dockers’ as our mascot.

You will begin to see the Dockers emblem on club clothing including new shorts and T20/training tops for the upcoming season. The Dockers emblem will also now appear on club communications and social media. The VTCA have been notified and have applied the Dockers emblem to all relevant VTCA communications. In due course the clubrooms will be updated with new signage.

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