Sting’s Sentinel – July 2013 – “Nil Sin Labore”

In This Issue

* Season 2013/14                                             * ‘The Pricey Files’

* Room Renovation Update                          * Pre-Season Training Update

* Welcome Back Kotter                                  * Laws of the Game

* 60 seconds with a Seddon Legend            * Social Calendar Update

Season 2013/14

The weather is warming up and footy teams are starting to ‘rest’ their stars which only means one thing: the start of the cricket season isn’t too far away.

Whilst the only real cricket thought most of us have had since March have been ‘tweets’ during the current Ashes series, the Committee has been busy behind the scenes preparing for the forthcoming season.  Some of the agenda items include the Clubroom renovation, recruiting, social activities and sponsorship. Some of these matters will be briefly touched upon elsewhere in the Sentinel.

Seddon has retained its position in the VTCA as part of North A Division for season 2013/14.  An improved performance will be required to achieve our current interim goal of promotion to North Division.  The depth required across all grades at North level is a fairly significant step up to our capacity from 2012/13 which makes it incumbent upon us whilst in pre-season mode to focus on recruitment and development.

Pre-Season Training Update

Pre-season training commenced on Sunday 28th July with a strong turnout of about 40 at Westgate Indoor Sports Centre.  The emphasis of these sessions is two-fold; generating a moderate base level of fitness and re-familiarising ourselves with the 56g round red ball.

The indoor sessions will continue for the next 4 x Sundays from 11.30am to 1pm.

In addition there will be Indoor net practice sessions at the same Venue from Tuesday 30th July through to 17th September.  They commence at 7.30pm and conclude around 9pm

A copy of the full pre-season training schedule follows on page 7.  Everyone is encouraged to attend irrespective of Grade – remember to bring five bucks and your own bottle of water.

Laws of the Game

Throughout the season we all spend time in the middle umpiring.  At Seddon we are committed to playing cricket in a spirit which affords the game the respect it deserves. To this end the Sentinel will be exploring and expanding upon some of the Laws of Cricket to ensure that we are not only fair but as educated as possible in our understanding of the Laws when adopting the role of defacto ‘Black & White’.

This edition will explore a law that causes much consternation at suburban level – the Wide Ball

 If the bowler bowls a ball, not being a No ball, the umpire shall adjudge it a Wide if, in his opinion the ball passes wide of the striker where he is and which also would have passed wide of him standing in a normal guard position.

The umpire shall not adjudge a delivery as being a Wide,

(a) if the striker, by moving, either (i) causes the ball to pass wide of him, or (ii) brings the ball sufficiently within his reach to be able to hit it by means of a normal cricket stroke.

(b) if the ball touches the striker’s bat or person.

The ball does not become dead on the call of Wide ball.

A penalty of one run shall be awarded on the call of Wide ball. This penalty shall stand even if a batsman is dismissed, and shall be in addition to any other runs scored, any boundary allowance and any other runs awarded for penalties.

Out from a Wide When Wide ball has been called, neither batsman shall be out under any of the Laws except Handled the ball, Hit wicket, Obstructing the field, Run out or Stumped


Social Calendar Update

  • Saturday 14th September, 2pm

Season Opener

Venue: Yarraville Club

Informal gathering where we introduce and welcome new recruits, talk about our goals and expectations, have a feed and talk footy finals.


  • Friday 27th September

Grand Final Eve

Plans for social event yet to be finalised but keep the evening free…..


  • Thursday 3rd October, 7pm

Pie Night

Venue: Clubrooms

Post-training Pies ‘n Hot Dogs dovetail into Selection night for the first match of the season.  This is an event not to be missed


  • Saturday 2nd November  7pm

Grand Opening of new clubrooms

Venue: Clubrooms

Food, Drink, Celebrity Guests, Fancy Dress, Sponsors and the traditional Melbourne Cup Calcutta auction.  One of the biggest events on the Seddon Social Calendar, particularly for the ladies!


Seconds with a Seddon Legend – Jim Tzambazakis

  • JimmyTWhat years did you play for Seddon Cricket Club?


JT – 1974 – 1985 Seddon player

1986 – 1987 Captain Coach at Aberfeldie

1988 – 1992 Seddon player

1993 – 2002 Captain Coach at Aberfeldie                    2003 – 2007  Seddon Coach


  • Did you win a flag and if so how many and when?

JT – Won 2 flags and played in 5 losing Grand Finals.             Started Seddon 4th XI Greek Team in the late 70s

  • Are you the greatest wicketkeeper in the history of the Seddon CC?

JT – Hell yes.

  • What is your highest score for Seddon CC?

JT – 115*

  • Best captain you played under?

JT – Terry Maloney in 1975-77.  Ex district cricketer who harnessed the competitiveness of a group of young Seddon players inc J Wallace, T Kriebardis, Z Markovski etc

  • Most volatile team mate you have ever played with?

JT – Macca.  (ed note – when asked for examples the response was ‘there’s millions’).

  • What was your nickname?

JT – Zamba

  • Were you a walker?

JT – If it went to first slip, yes! If there was an official umpire I would generally wait for his decision (that’s what he is there for).  If there were no official umpires I always encouraged team mates to make it easier on their colleagues who were umpiring by walking.

  • Best bowler you played with?

JT – Definitely Alan Knape. He bowled fast, prodigious inswingers.  I learned how to keep up to the stumps to him when he slowed down (to about 125kph) and took lots of leg side stumpings.  He also taught me how to read his body position to anticipate the amount any given ball was going to swing. Footscray district chased him for years.  A bad day for him was 3 or 4 wickets.  He regularly picked up 6+

  • Best Batsman you played with?

JT – Graham Horden in the early ‘80s. Ex-Essendon District left hander who once hit a six clear across Hyde St.  The ball ended up in front of the milk bar halfway down Berry St!

  • Most memorable on-field moment?

JT – Opening with a hungover 19 y.o Jamie Wallace against Newport in 1979. JW asked me to take first ball which I refused to do. In front of the opposition JW called me a pr*ck. JW snicked 1st ball straight to the keeper. On departing the crease he called out ‘you’re still a pr*ck’!

  • Pull or Cut?

JT – Pull

  • Best piece of advice you’d give to a top order batsman?

JT – Patience.

 Seddon Hoodies

Seddon hoody2You may have seen the new Seddon Hoodies being worn by several early adopters (pictured below modelled by ‘coathanger man’).  For the fashion and value conscious they tick all boxes.  Warm, robust and bearing the Seddon royal blue and gold the garment is fantastic quality and at just $60 an absolute steal.  They would be $100+ in stores.  Available in all sizes.  Bail up Jason or Murray Grieves at the next training session or preferably place your order via email today.  Stocks are strictly limited and this will be a once off run….you’d hate to miss out!

NB a deposit of $30 is payable in cash to either of the above or via direct deposit (ask Jason for account details).

Rooms Update

Work on the clubrooms continues apace.  It is anticipated that the new dressing rooms, showers and communal space will be ready for the Grand Opening  on Saturday November 2nd.  We hope to integrate the opening of the new completed Rooms with a social function combining food, celebrity guests and the traditional ‘Calcutta’ auction prior to Melbourne Cup Day.

To complement the new rooms the club also is in the process of obtain funding for a new fridge, big flat screen television and X-box system to make the area more family friendly.  You are all encouraged to bring your families down to the club as much as possible to join the Seddon CC community.

5th XI Awards

The individual awards for 2012/13 have been belatedly awarded as follows;

Batting: Steven ‘Hank’ Harris: 90* runs at 9.00

Bowling: Nick Brudenell: 5 wickets at 55.40

*Steven also scored 85 runs across 3 other grades.  A great effort in his first season of  competitive cricket after taking a year off from his acting career….

Playing Costs


$200 or $230 if not finalised before 10th November 2013.

$140 for under 23 year olds

Weekly Match Fees

$15 for Seniors (above U17 qualification) with an umpire

$10 without umpire.

Junior players who double up as senior player $5.


Automated External Defibrillator (AED) Training

Defib dummyThe club has access to a Defibrillator which is used to treat SCA, a condition that occurs when the heart unexpectedly stops pumping. SCA can occur to anyone – young or old, male or female – anywhere, and at any time. Many casualties have no warning signs or symptoms.  It is important that we as members of the Seddon cricket community understand how to use this device.

To this end, Nathan Wigmore’s sister Peta Owen has generously volunteered her time (she lives in Montmorency) to provide an AED (Defibrillator) instructional session on Thursday 17th October at the conclusion of cricket training. It will only take about 30 minutes or so.  As they say in the classics, if you only attend one training session all year, make sure it’s this one.  It may make you a lifesaver.

For those that have asked, there is no truth to the rumour that Pricey has volunteered to stand in as the practice dummy.

The Pricey Files

Each edition of the Sentinel will feature a random item on Seddon legend, Curator, 1st XI scorer, unofficial Tour Mascot and all round nice guy, Geoff Price.  Be it memorable quotes, odd text messages, DUI hijinks or a simple garden maintenance accident, Pricey is your man.  Unfortunately the great one is hibernating in Werribee at this time of year so this edition will simply recall a couple of Pricey cricket facts that sum up the paradoxical nature of the man:

1) Pricey has scored 2 x centuries for Seddon CC and won several batting awards.

2) His 2012/13 aggregate was 11 runs from 7 innings at an average of 1.83.

From the Presidents Desk

Welcome everyone to another cricket season. They come and go very quickly, so strap yourselves in and enjoy the ride. Each year there’s a number of new initiatives that we adopt and this year one of them is the resurrection of the club newsletter. I’m sure you’ll all agree a newsletter is a great way for members of a club to connect with the happenings around the place and ours is no different. I want to thank Leigh Davies first of all for driving the need to get the newsletter up and running again at a committee level and most of all for the fella who is making it happen – Matthew Rae AKA Stinger, Cabber, Matty and any other nick names you have for him.

JB Grieves – President

Welcome Back…

In this regular pre-season article we celebrate the return of Seddon prodigal sons.  First cab off the rank is a big one; Kayne Amiet.  Kane last seriously played with Seddon in 2007/8 as a young blond tear-away opening bowler and hard hitting middle/late order batsman.  He has played exclusively in the 1st XI throughout his Seddon career which is an indication of his capabilities.

Kayne’s best season with the bat was 2007/8 wherein he knocked up 205 runs at 25.63 with a top score of 63.  Total club runs currently sits at 711.

Kayne has taken a total of 63 wickets for the club with his best season 2005/6 yielding 18 wickets at 20.44 including an 8/63!!  All in the 1st XI in a year when Seddon was in the very strong North Division.

I can share with you that there was a frisson of anticipation at committee level when it was announced that Kayne had committed to playing in season 2013/14.  We are all genuinely looking forward to once again having his formidable presence and aggression on the field.  Off the park he is a great bloke, so if you don’t know Kayne, best to introduce yourself so he doesn’t go too hard at you in the nets!

Welcome back, Kayne Amiet.  Get around him!

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